Daniel Summer, Composer

Daniel Summer graduated from the renown Trebas Institute for Recording Arts, where he majored in Music Production and Audio Engineering.  With these skills Daniel can create musical soundscapes unlike anything you have heard before.  His clients include:

FOX - America's Most Wanted
NBC - Access Hollywood
E! Entertainment - E! News Daily
NBC - Extra: The Entertainment Magazine
A&E - Celebrity Adventures Unleashed

MSNBC - Your Business

NBA TV - NBA Inside Stuff

Hulu - Secret Diary of a Call Girl
E! Entertainment - Michael Jackson: Where is the Money
CW - Flash
FSN - FOX Sports
FOX - FOX Sports Retro
FSN - FOX College Sports
Style Network - Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane
History Channel - Last Days on Earth
Feature Film - Personals
ABC - Primetime Thursdays Promo
Playboy Channel - Sexy Girls Next Door
FOX - That's Just Wrong
E! Entertainment - Child Stars: Then and Now
Style Network - Michael and Farrah: Lost Icons
G4 - Extended Play
A&E - Find and Design with Tod and Melinda Ellsworth
FOX - Reality
G4 - TV Tech
Spike TV - Horsepower TV

MSOFT VOD - Musclecar 
Outdoor Channel - Peterson's Hunting Adventure
Travel Channel - Travel Channel's Secrets
E! Entertainment - True Hollywood Story Investigations: Spring Break Nightmares
Discovery - What's That About?
Style Network - Too Fat for Fifteen: Fighting Back
E! Entertainment - E! Entertainment Television Special
Discovery - Science

Sportsman TV - Hunting Adventure Television
G4 - Hurl

Outdoor Network - Various Promos

Biography - Various Promos
Playboy Channel - Sex Court
History Channel - Promos
Feature Film - Take Away My Takeaway

National Cable TV Association

Archer TV - Clean House
CBC (Canada) - Cultive Et Bien Eleve
CBC (Canada) - J E
CBC (Canada) - Jeux De Societe
Telejournal - Telejournal Promos
Sirius XM - Various Promos
Local Cable Operators - Various Promos

Heard in dozens of countries  Around the WORLD!

Daniel Summer's music has been licensed and broadcast around the world. In addition to the United States and Canada, Daniel's music has been featured in productions in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Venezuela.

Recent Compositions

Tangential Inquest - 80 minutes of music.   Zero cut and paste.


Epic Orchestral Scores featuring Daniel's    110 Piece Cinematic Orchestra

Tribal and World Music Compositions

Rock, Blues, Jazz, Latin, Reggae and Funk

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Musician Playing Chello